Safety Of Funds


Profx Market takes most seriously the safety of your money deposited with us. Profx Market seeks to protect Client Money in the following ways:

  • Client Money held with NatWest Bank Plc in the UK in segregated named client money bank accounts
  • Client Money balances are reconciled daily by external service providers in accordance with the CASS Rules
  • Profx Market is audited by external UK accountants in London, including, the client money audit
  • Intermediate brokers/ prime brokers are selected for their credit-worthiness and monitored
  • In the event of Profx Market’s insolvency, you may be eligible to claim under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme: Please refer for details:
  • Profx Market is a straight through processing/ no dealing desk broker and does not take market risk by taking the opposite side of the trade of its clients
  • Profx Market benefits from a conservative management, a strong compliance culture and an ethos of treating customers fairly

Profx Market is required to file its Client Money Asset Return with the Financial Conduct Authority every 6 months.