Externally Managed Accounts


Profx Market clients can appoint third-party traders to trade their account on their behalf directly on one of the Profx Market platforms. Profx Market technology allows its clients to set a stop loss to limit maximum risk or drawn down level on the account. Profx Market clients must be extreme cautious in their selection of a third-party trader for their account and ensure they monitor the trading activity to check it is being undertaken as anticipated.

Profx Market’s unique Externally Managed Account ( EMA ) technology allows clients to set up their EMA with the following choices, parameters:

  • Choice of base currency of the deposit (EUR, USD, GBP & AUD)
  • Immediate Trading de-activation allows Profx Market clients to block trading on their managed accounts at any time, and with immediate effect
  • Equity protection: the stop loss level functionality provides clients with control over their maximum loss. Profx Market clients can, for example, automatically block trader's activity beyond a certain drawdown level
  • Instant 24/7 reporting access to the account statements allows clients to monitor the trading activity on their managed account online
  • With the depositary institution’s consent, clients can keep their deposit at their own bank and have it traded on the Profx Market EMA platform

In summary, Profx Market technology offers its clients a sophisticated, controlled and secure environment in which third-party managers may trade accounts of their behalf.